Tenant’s Guide

Once we have found a suitable property for you we will assist you with all the necessary paperwork and do our best to make the process as smooth as possible.

Most viewings are by pre-arranged appointment and we will accompany you to show suitable properties.


The usual deposit will be equal to one month’s rent (or if pets, a double deposit is usually required). Your deposit will be lodged with the Deposit Protection Service.

All rents are payable in advance and due on the same day of the month as the commencement of the Agreement.

Administration Fee
An administration fee is payable for each person over the age of 18 moving into the accommodation. This covers the costs of obtaining references, preparing the tenancy agreement and putting the utilities into your name.Fee Information

RENT: is usually paid monthly in advance. Cleared funds to be received by the due date. This is usually by standing order. Usually our rents quoted are exclusive of telephone, gas, electricity, council tax and water.

TERM: The minimum term for long lets is six months on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy

DEPOSIT: A deposit is normally one calendar month which is equal to one calendar month of rent, will be deposited with the Deposit Protection Service. This will be returned at the end of the tenancy once both Landlord and Tenant have agreed any dilapidation charges which will be duly deducted.

UTILITIES: Fisher Management will notify the utility companies of transfer of accounts in advance of the tenancy. If you have not held accounts for supply of the above in the UK previously a deposit may be required. We will also notify the local authority with regard to council tax. Tenants must liaise directly with British Telecom, cable and satellite providers.

TV LICENCE: The tenant is responsible for paying the licence fee for any television set in the property during the tenancy.

INVENTORY: The Landlord usually pays for the inventory, check-in and the tenant pays for the inventory to be checked out at the termination of the tenancy. It is usual for an independent inventory clerk to be appointed in order to provide unbiased report. This is a requirement of the Deposit Protection Service.

FEES: As tenants will not be responsible for the payment of our fees, however a charge of £150 per adult will be made for the tenancy agreement and referencing.

REFERENCES: We will be required to take references on any prospective Tenant, usually from a UK bank or building society, an employer or personal referee and where possible one from a previous Landlord or Landlords’ agent.


Applicants wishing to take up a tenancy will be required to complete a confidential application form which provides us with personal and financial details. It is essential that you have all the information and supporting documents with you when completing the form.

We require proof of identity and proof of current address by you providing the following:

  • A Photo Driving License or Passport


  • A utility bill no more than 3 months old or
  • A recent Council Tax bill or
  • A recent Phone Bill


The Tenancy Agreement is a legally binding document between the owner of the property (The Landlord) and you (The Tenant). You should read the Agreement carefully and ensure you fully understand it. The Agreement you sign is usually an Assured Shorthold which means you can stay in the property for the period of the Agreement (provided all the obligations are met).

If the Landlord wishes to end the tenancy you will be given 2 months’ notice to vacate the premises when the Agreement expires. You can only leave the property at the end of the period stated in the Agreement. (If you wish to leave when the Agreement is due to run out you must notify us in writing giving a minimum of one months’ notice prior to the ending of the Agreement).

If you vacate the property early you will be responsible for the rental payments and utility/council tax bills for the remainder of the period.


Domestic Pets
Domestic pets are not permitted except if agreed in writing and it is usual for an additional deposit of one month’s rent to be held. The carpets must be professionally cleaned, sanitised, deodorised and anti-bacteria/flea treated on vacating the property. The original invoice will have to be supplied to confirm this has been done.

All our tenancy agreements state that smoking is not permitted inside the property.  If smoking occurs in the property a deduction will be made from the deposit to cover decorating / deep cleaning.

The Landlord is responsible for insuring the property and any contents that are left in the property. We strongly recommend that you insure you insure any items that you have in the property as these will not be covered by the Landlord insurance.  We have a specialist insurance company that can deal with these matters if required.

Should you wish to make any changes to the property including decoration you must obtain written permission from the Landlord or managing agent before any work commences.

If smoke or carbon monoxide detectors are fitted in the property you have an obligation to ensure that they are checked regularly, kept in good working order and batteries replaced when needed. If you become aware of a fault you must notify the Landlord or managing agent immediately. If the property has either natural or bottled gas the law requires an annual Gas Safety Report.

It is a requirement of our Tenancy Agreement that the Tenant keeps the grass cut, border and paths weed free and shrubs trimmed.


Faults and Repairs
Many Landlords have service contracts and preferred contractors. If there is a problem with the property you are renting you must inform the Landlord or the managing agent. Failure to do so may mean that you are liable for any deterioration or damage resulting from any delay. You must not instruct a contractor to undertake any work – if you do it will be at your own expense.

Should the Landlord or an appointed agent wish to inspect the property they will provide a minimum of 24 hours’ notice of their intended visit. Fully Managed properties will be inspected regularly. Please notify the Landlord or managing agent if you will be away for 1 week or longer.


You must vacate the property on the agreed date (Usually midday on the last day of the Agreement). Your Landlord or his appointed agent will make an appointment  to meet you at the property to carry out the “check out“ inspection, take meter readings and receive all the keys. You will have to supply a forwarding address for the return of any deposit and submission to the utility suppliers and Local Authority.

Return of Deposit

Tenants have a responsibility to return the property in the same condition as at the start of the tenancy and as stated in the Inventory and check in report. With the exception of fair wear and tear, any deductions due to damage or deterioration will be corrected and the cost deducted from the deposit. The deposit is refundable provided that:

  • Your rent is paid up to date
  • All bills relating to the property/tenancy have been paid.
  • The property has been well maintained and thoroughly cleaned including items such as carpets, refrigerator and oven upon vacation, otherwise these items will be cleaned and the charge deducted from the deposit.
  • All items listed in the inventory are present and in satisfactory condition.